Daddy Coffee Box


A special Father’s Day thought with a twist! Gift the Daddy Coffee Box with our Black Mocha Blend in a 250g can, paired with the bright and cheerful color mix of coffee-themed socks, for real coffeelovers!

Inside the package you will find:

1 250-gram Miscela Nera canister for mocha; a balanced product with a delicate taste and rounded aroma, which comes from wood-roasting and separate roasting of the best Arabica varieties.

1 Pair of Coffee Socks Cophied produced for us from organic and eco-friendly materials with coffee motifs: such as kettle, v60 and coffee beans. Available size: 42-46.

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The Daddy Coffee Box is a special gift designed for a special day.

The box contains 1 250-gram mocha can of the fine Black Blend of selected Arabica and 1 Pair of coffee-themed Cophied Coffee Socks , made of soft fabric, cheerful and fun to add a special touch to one’s outfit.


Composition Socks, Coffee Socks:

80% combed cotton,

15% polyamide,

5% elastane.




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macinato per moka da 250 gr


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