Specialty in Love Box


For coffee enthusiasts, a sensory journey to discover new lands encapsulated in this uniquely flavored box.

2 Exceptional Specialty Coffees, Ethiopia’s Natural Women’s Coffee Shankwene, a women’s coffee with an important goal: to contribute to the vital role of women farmers, and Kenya’s Washed AA Top Kiamwangi, in 250-gram bean packs.

1 2-cup classic Moka coffee maker, made in Italy by E&B Lab, with a “competition” filter designed to enhance coffee extraction.

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The Specialty in Love Box is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give to your sweetheart as a true coffee addict! To fully enjoy the intense aroma of our fine Specialty combined in this exclusive box.

The box contains 2 Specialty Coffees and the made-in-Italy mocha by E&B Lab:

1 Ethiopia Natural Women’s Coffee Shankwene 250 g pack, a 100% Arabica Specialty and traceable from the Sidamo region, produced by women farmers as an opportunity to promote gender equality and social equality.

Not only excellent coffee but also solidarity coffee that supports women involved in the WOMEN’S COFFEE PROJECT projects. A Specialty with an intense fruity note with velvety hints of lavender, strawberry, and lime intertwined with the pleasant taste of plum.

1 Kenya Washed AA Top Kiamwangi 250 g pack. An excellent Arabica Specialty grown in the highlands of the region of Nyeri, Kenya, a hand-washed and processed coffee whose batches are stripped, left to ferment and washed successively for at least 24 hours. The citrusy, floral washed Arabica beans delight the senses with notes of lime, citron, ginger and with hints of violets and jasmine.

1 Moka pot signed E&B Lab classic 2-cup version, beautiful and elegant in its black sandblasted coating, entirely made in Italy, differs from all others on the market mainly for the quality of its filter. In fact, this filter has many smaller holes (diameter of 0.2 mm), the traditional ones fewer (≈ diameter of 0.8 mm) that allow perfect extraction by reducing water pressure that could damage the ground coffee panel in the filter.

It results in a cleaner drink, reducing bitterness and increasing the sweetness and balance of the cup of coffee.

Technical characteristics:

Capacity: 2 cups

Material: aluminum

Handle and knob: Polyamide

Gasket: silicone

Filter: stainless steel – photoetched membrane with filter capacity of 200 Îźm

Color: black sandblasted

Gas stove.

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in grani 250 gr

Metodi di estrazione consigliati:

mocha, express, filter, excellent balance when used for cappuccino or other milk-based drinks.


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