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For coffee enthusiasts, a sensory journey to discover new lands encapsulated in this uniquely flavored box.

3 Exceptional Specialty, Burundi AA Bujumbura, Guatemala Huehuetenango La Florida presidio Slow Food, and Ethiopia Sidamo Guji, 250-gram packs.

1 Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

3 Author Postcards telling three Collectible Love Stories written by young emerging authors.

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The Specialty in Love Box is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day to share the love of coffee with the one you love, but useful on social days to fully enjoy the intense aroma of the box’s fine Specialty.

The box contains 3 Specialty, 3 personalized postcards and the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill:

1 Burundi AA Bujumbura 250 g pack, grown in full sun and processed by the washed method, predominantly bourbon variety. A coffee with good body and appealing, typical acidity with spicy and aromatic notes. Hints of caramel and citrus evolving into cocoa notes with a lingering aftertaste.

1 Guatemala Huehuetenango La Florida Presidio Slow Food 250 g pack. This excellent Slow Food Presidium coffee, launched in 2002, is made from Coffea Arabica plants of the Typica, Bourbon and Caturra varieties grown in the shade of tall trees.Harvesting is done manually: the cherries are picked off one by one and placed in wicker baskets tied to the sides. The unique taste of an excellent Arabica produced with care and preservation of biodiversity leaves notes of white fruit and almonds with a lingering cocoa aftertaste.

1 Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Gr.2 250 g pack, Arabica coffee grown in Guji, Oromia region, Sidamo, on fertile volcanic soil mixed with organic soil from the surrounding Ethiopian forests. The sensory profile reflects the uniqueness of this coffee with the discreet body and acidity typical of this origin. Intense floral and citrus scents of orange and bergamot evolve into notes of fresh fruit and spices, with a lingering aftertaste.

1 Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill, for grinding your own beans just a moment before brewing coffee, for unique in-cup quality. Thanks to its ceramic grindstones and low rotational speed that does not heat the coffee, it allows for a grain size suitable for all kinds of extraction methods, from French Press, Aeropress, V60, Moka to espresso. An accessory that a true coffeelover cannot give up!

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in grani 250 gr

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mocha, express, filter, excellent balance when used for cappuccino or other milk-based drinks.


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