It takes passion and talent to bring to life the right balance of sweet and bitter flavors, like a painter with his colors

Campetelli Coffee is the result of a sweet harmony in the journey of the senses

Campetelli Coffee…
a world in a bean.

Campetelli Roasting Company, established in 1982, processes selected and certified raw coffees of fine origins, individually wood-roasted before blending. Each coffee has a tailored roasting curve that perfectly and gently cooks the bean to the core, releasing its richest and most intense aromatic oils for a unique and engaging espresso.


Campetelli is the story of a passion handed down from father to son, of flavors that endure and processes that stay true to ancient traditions, to enjoy the art of artisanal coffee every day.


In 1948, Mr. Alarico Campetelli began his venture into the coffee business; the experience and passion were an inspiration to his son Carlo who founded Camcaffè Srl in 1982. Thus the Campetelli Coffee brand was born. More than 30 years and after three generations, today Carlo, with his daughter Gioia and son-in-law Teseo, runs the Campetelli company a reality that combines experience,tradition and quality, and where coffee is wood-fired toast one origin at a time, handcrafted, so as to respect the cooking time and ensure an excellent product.
A leader for more than 30 years in the province of Frosinone, Latina and some locations in that of Viterbo and Rome, Caffè Campetelli is now present in Vienna and the United Arab Emirates. In 2016, the first single-brand coffee shop opened in Fiuggi: Coffee Living Campetelli, the roasting company’s outlet and franchise project aimed at offering authentic Italian espresso in an international location.


Over the years, the Campetelli family has accompanied its work between innovation and change, following the evolution of ways of packaging and using coffee. Starting from espresso at the bar in beans and the classic mocha with fresh ground coffee, to pods and capsules in the 1990s, he has been constantly researching in the direction of a blend of excellence.
Therefore, Carlo, who has chosen to process moderate quantities of coffee to keep quality high, personally takes care of coffee procurement and follows the production of the blends step by step. The company is ISO 9001 certified, and twice a year Campetelli tests roasted blends. But all this is not enough for the perfectionist Carlo, a certified taster since 1995, who has been accustomed to delving into theory and practice and is convinced that there is always something to learn and apply to the supply chain to improve the quality of coffee in the cup. So the satisfactions come and in 2014 the OroBar blend, already certified Espresso Italiano di QualitĂ  by SGS, wins the Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting, an international competition among coffees from all over the world and organized by the IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).


Carlo Campetelli tells it as an anecdote, but nothing is closer to the truth: coffee talks, or rather hums. It happens during the resting phase of the roasted grain, in the twenty-four hours after baking.
If one enters the roastery late in the evening, at the time when no one is present and the machines are turned off, in the silence one can hear the voice of the coffee settling, the seeds swollen and emptied by the passage through the oven thicken carbon dioxide inside them and, saturated, crackle as the gas, passing through the porous matter of the bean, comes to the surface bringing with it the fine aromatic oils, an intrepid mumbling that has the sound of melodious music.