Every year on October 1 we celebrateInternational Coffee Day, an occasion called by theInternational Coffee Organization ( ICO ) to pay tribute to the world’s most popular beverage. This year’s theme: a fairer and safer supply chain for farmers at origin. Comment by VanĂąsia Nogueira, Executive Director of the ICO: All workers deserve to have respectful and safe working conditions , and this sector can be a model of inclusion, diversity and equity, where all workers are treated with dignity and respect, paraphrasing the manifesto of this edition.

Just on the day of October 1, moreover, SCA Italy (
), a community entirely dedicated to the development and promotion of sustainable coffee, is organizing the “Coffee Boom” event now in its third year. An event spread throughout Italy created for the purpose of raising awareness and promoting the world of specialty, as well as bringing together enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts of the sector.

From north to south, the event involves training schools, coffee shops, roasters and companies, and the events are all open to the public.As always, we too decided to celebrate it with a unique tasting in our coffee shop Coffee Living Campetelli: a morning of cupping with three single-origin, a tasting tour through the different extraction methods: pour over, espresso and cold drip.

A journey to the lands of Mexico, Peru and Brazil to explore the taste of these exceptional highland Arabicas.

When: Sunday, October 1

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: Coffee Living Campetelli, Via IV giugno Fiuggi (FR)

Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

Come to the event and enter an incredible world of all new aromas!