Origin Coffee Box – 50 pods ese 44mm


A unique box of Single Origin Coffees, which come exclusively from a single plantation. For those looking for a different flavor every day, the ultimate in specialty coffees and specialty flavors.

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Three exceptional Monorigins, a blend of aromatic notes to enjoy every day, let yourself be taken on an enveloping journey:
– 20 pods Brazil Santos Descascado Ouro Fino, semi-washed Arabica from the Minas Gerais area, with a consistent body and sweet floral hints enhanced by intense chocolate notes.

– 20 India Kaapy Royale pods, a full-bodied and sweet Robusta, rich aroma and aftertaste with hints of licorice, with notes of chocolate and spice.

– 10 Tanzania AA Tanga pods, an Arabica with muted acidity and an aftertaste of raw honey. With good body and a pleasant base of sweet fruit, hazelnuts and almonds.

Monorigins are
wood roasted
, with a
separate cooking
that respects their unique characteristics peculiar to each land of origin.


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